Caleddri Errante 
Favara_Farm cultural Park
summer 2020 

The Farm Cultural Park is an association in the small and partially abandoned town of Favara on in the south of Sicily. Ten years ago a local couple decided to try to regenerate a part of the deserted historical centre through cultural manifestations, expositions and artworks. Meanwhile the Farm has turned the old ruins into a lively cultural centre and have turned an empty and crumbling palazzo into a museum, about 5 minutes walking from the seven courtyards (as the original farm project is called).

The association has been acquiring more buildings in between these two locations and is planning a route to connect them. This route and the functions attached to them are still to be discussed, imagined and designed. Errante creates a temporary connection that is part symbolic and part functional.

The installation is placed in an unchartered territory. An area that reads like a ghost town in a western movie. Rough barren soil with traces of fires and abandoned garbage, empty, crumbling buildings with the windows broken or missing, old decaying window shutters moving, squeaking with the rhythm of the wind, and with traces of habitation along the edges.

The wooden installation is a guide through this treacherous terrain. It shows visitors the way to pass through the area without coming too close to crippling buildings. It offers a way to traverse the two levels of the terrain by a small set of stairs. On the higher part of the terrain, the installation forms a table: a place where future stakeholders can meet to discuss the future of the space inhabited by the table. The installation offers a place to sit and rest around a campfire and serves as a practical and symbolic guide to explore the future of the space in itself and it’s connecting function.

The installation was made entirely out of wood and was built by the artists themselves as a part of an exposition of Giovanni Weghers past works. It was conceived and built within a 2-week residency in the Farm Cultural Park.

Giovanni Wegher, Paul Schrijen
Farm Cultural park  Favara Silcily 

text: Paul Schrijen

photos: Rosario Castellana, Santo Eduardo di Miceli