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The Village 

Dormitory for architecture biennale2018 
camposaz _ april 2018

The workshop organisation Camposaz has built a dormitory for 30 people. The international team of architects and builders was approached, by French curator Encore Heureux, to take part in their proposal “infinite spaces” for the Venice architecture biennale of 2018. Encore Heureux decided to create an alternative location for the hosting of their guests. By turning an abandoned barrack on the island of Lido into a collective space to eat, sleep, create and repeat they not only offered their guest a different experience during their visit but also hope to bring new attention en energy to Caserma Guglielmo Pepe.

Camposaz gathered a group of 15 young designers and builders, which designed and build 30 sleeping places in the temporary dormitory of Caserma Pepe. The organisation of Camposaz jump-started the process by giving a short brief: play with the tension between privacy and community and develop ways for guests to influence their environment. The two available spaces of the caserma, 12,5 m3 of wood, 700 m2 of fabric, 100 wheels, 10.000 screws and 14 days where the only restrictions.


The Village
The village is a configuration of six mobile micro houses, which can be moved and rearranged as the guests see fit. All houses have their own character but are also a clearly related to each other. The five bunk beds and 1 double bed are able to move freely through the space and create a multitude of configurations.

 The mobile beds are made in a clear cut wooden structure and covered by a translucent fabric. This fabric creates a soft and private inner space with diffuse lighting. Once the solar lights are taken inside the houses themselves become lanterns. The entrance room of the village provides storage for both visitors and hosts.

The fabric used in both rooms was coloured on site with coffee, and kurkuma. By folding the fabric in the colouring and drying process different tints of colour appeared creating unique patterns.

Paul Schrijen

Tree of light
Outside the two dormitories a structures has been erected to signal the location of the dormitories. The structure holds 30 solar powered mason jar lights. Every light has a number corresponding to a specific bed. The jars are also a way to leave little messages for the next guest.

Massimiliano Piffer, Tommaso Benassi, Alessandro Chojwa, Mariella Marioky Gentile, Marianna Landi, Cezar Cernea, Davide Tagliabue, Alex Gruk, Elisa Lorenzi, Leonardo Marzotti, Nicola Bonaldo, Maria Luisa Miotto, Elisa Zatta, Oliver Savoirani, Enrico Tommasini

Organisation & Tutors
Giovanni Wegher, Veronica Sereda, Paul Schrijen

Claudio Moz (carpenter)


Encore Heureux

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